Sunday, March 20, 2011

Katelyn's BIG Day!!

I can't believe my baby Katelyn started preschool!! She didn't need to start until August, but she wants to be like her big sister every way she can, so we were able to start her a little early. She has the same teacher, Mrs. Ashley, and even the same classroom that Kellie has. She is love love loving school! Kellie was so excited for her too. She helped Kate find her cubby and where she needs to hang up her coat, and where her seat is. I just stood back and watched. She has learned so many things already. My favorite thing that the girls have been doing lately is playing school. Kellie is always the teacher, and Katelyn is the "friend"..aka student. I love listening to them play and sing songs and do the same schedule that they have in school. They've even made the same charts and can of sticks with the kids's names on them. They love playing together!

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