Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bugling for Bugles?

Elk bugling is so cool! We watched a standoff at Yellowstone last week between two bull elk. Way cool! The one with his herd would bugle and then the lone bull would bugle and then the one elk would charge the lone elk who would then chicken out and run the other direction. I guess I would too :)

Summer is ending soon, which is slightly depressing. The end of summer means the end of camping, Yellowstone, and swimming. But it means the beginning of cross country skiing and sledding, and Christmas.........okay, it's not so bad. We've had a great summer with a few more camping trips on the books. So we'll go out with a bang!

I like the reflection of the Elk in the river.

In Kellie's backpack is "Kootanie" her wolf that went everywhere with her this trip.

We stayed at Madison Campground and the girls loved riding their bikes around the campground. I remember doing that as a kid.

Old Faithful at sunset. It was a little eerie walking back to the car in the moonlight.

We rode our bikes to Lonestar Geyser. It was impressive! (I'm not sure why this picture is so dark). The girls had fun exploring around waiting for the geyser to erupt. When it did, the ground rumbled. Cool!

Dancing and eating "fishy crackers" waiting for the geyser to do it's thing.

Doesn't that make you want to kiss those lips?

Each trip to Yellowstone, we try to stay in a corner of the park. Since it's so HUGE, we take our time in a small spot. This time, we stayed mostly in the southwest corner, with a brief stop at the Lake Yellowstone Hotel. Built in the 1920's, I totally felt like I was walking into the movie "Somewhere in Time". It was BEAUTIFUL!!

The girls wanted their picture by an old tour car which they still use. Brady and I always say that each time we go to Yellowstone, it is completely different every time! It's heaven on earth!

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  1. What a fun trip! Pictures are beautiful. What a great place to live close to. :) Glad you didn't get eaten by bears.