Monday, September 27, 2010

Tumblin' Tuesdays

Kellie and Katelyn started Gymnastics a couple weeks ago. They are in the same class which is on every Tuesday. Kellie likes doing "airplane walks" on the balance beam and "possums" on the bars. Katelyn loves doing cross jumps on the trampoline and doing front rolls into the giant pit. They are so cute helping each other and get so excited when the other one does something and succeeds. They are each others best cheerleader!

Stretching: they learn straddle, pike, and tuck.

Hi Kellie! The parents are all in the top of the gym. Gives us a great view.

Kellie front rolls into the pit.

Patiently waiting their turn on the long trampoline.

Kellie trying to straighten her arms on the bar.

Keep trying Kellie!

Playing with the parachute.

The closing cheer.....

"We Love Gymnastics!!"

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