Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where's the Cave?

Did you know we like to camp? Well we do! :0) Our latest adventure was to Cave Falls, which by the way, is the widest waterfall in Yellowstone! Add that to your gee whiz file. We had a total blast! The cave, hence the name Cave Falls, was blocked off from a recent rock slide. BUMMER! We loved to go explore in the cave. Oh well. The girls and Brady did some fishing...well A LOT of fishing...we played in the water, Kellie caught (and released) a frog, we did a lot of laughing and made a bunch of memories!

Best Buddies!

The girls LOVE to fish with their daddy! I couldn't resist how cute their feet looked together!


What can I say? This girl loves the outdoors!

It looks like the water is super deep, but it's only about shin high. Brady found this great rock right off the bank to fish. The girls took turns standing and fishing from it with Brady.

My blue eyed princess.

"Sleeping Beauty" as she prefers to be called these days.

"Kiss it Kate! Kiss it Kate!"


Can we keep him?

WAHOO! Our favorite place!

"I CAUGHT A FROG!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I think I will name him Hopper Mommy!

I love this face!


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  2. Tom said...
    Wow, Michelle this is way cool!! Your pictures are amazing and the writing really adds depth to the story. What a great way to keep up with your family. Thanks for letting us know about your new posts. You and Brady are giving your girls a treasure of memories. How Fun!! We Love you all, Dad and Mom

  3. Great pictures! It looks like a fun time!

  4. Loveee this. I think it's great that you do so many things outdoors with your family! feet picture, adorable.