Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Farewell Yellowstone...'till we meet again....

This might have been our last adventure to Yellowstone for a while, but we went out with a bang! Grandpa and Grandma Wirick came along this time! It was a paaartaay! We saw a bunch of animals including: bison, antelope, coyotes, a black bear or THREE, and a HUGE grizzly! Not to mention some bugeling elk....'tis the season....

We watched this BIG guy dig around for food, cross the river, and climb on some fallen trees! He was a true entertainer!

Fishing Bridge with Grandma and Grandpa.

This is for blackmail later in her teenage years.

We found some tall, beautiful grass where the girls played for hours as "momma and baby elk". Kellie was the momma and she would do her special elk call, and baby elk aka Katelyn, would come running back to her mom. I could seriously watch them play forever!

The fall colors were in full bloom. I LOVE living somewhere that has four seasons! They might not be four equal seasons, but we get a little taste of all!

Most of the babies had already lost their red coats. Looking more and more grown up....and I thought MY kids grow up fast! Can't imagine booting them out at the ripe old age of two!

Black bear we found on Blacktail Plateau Drive.

Kellie Bellie....or Kellie Magoo as Katelyn has been calling her lately. I don't know where she comes up the funny things she says!


We took Grandma and Grandpa on one of our favorite hikes: Wraith Falls. Great hike for kiddos!

It wouldn't be Mammoth without elk EVERYWHERE!

Katelyn loves to snuggle, and who better than Grandma.

Big guy.

We watched a couple coyotes looking for food in this tall grass.

We will miss you Yellowstone! Thanks for another year of memories!

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  1. Your girls are so sweet! I love that they were playing mommy and baby elk. Looks like a fun visit!